More than 1,000 buildings have been renovated, significantly repaired and built brand new under the programs and assistance of the Ohio School Facilities Commission, a milestone announced during the commission’s Thursday meeting.

Rick Savors, OSFC’s media relations chief, recalled the moment in November 2000 when he traveled to Ross County to attend the opening of a building for the Huntington Local School District, the first opening of a school facility under the commission.

The projects have been constructed or renovated through the commission’s funding programs or buildings with commitments through the expedited partnership programs, according to Savors, who said the latest tally as of March 1 was 1,031 buildings.

Several members of the commission noted the meaning of such an achievement considering the projects affected many students in the process,” Savors said.

“The buildings housed over 570,000 students throughout Ohio — in educational-ready facilities — facilities that are secure and that have the latest in technology.

“Beginning tomorrow — we’ll start on our next 1,000,” said Executive Director Richard Hickman, who joined other commission members in thanking the staff for their work.

The OSFC passed a resolution Thursday to mark the occasion. Commission chair Tim Keen, also director of the Office of Budget and Management (OBM), noted his history with school facility construction started during his time working as a staffer in the Legislature.

“I remember working in the Office of Budget and Management on the plan that Gov. Taft put together to have a long-term comprehensive funding plan for the construction of school facilities and significant progress has been made since that time and it’s kind of amazing,” said Keen.

In other actions, the commission adopted updates to the state’s design manual which included upgrades to facilities’ telephone system to help deliver more information to emergency personnel in the event of a 911 call.