Introduction to AIA Ohio

AIA Ohio, a society of the American Institute of Architects, representing a membership of approximately 2,000 licensed architects and architectural interns, is at the forefront of influencing statewide public policy through its government affairs program.

AIA Ohio’s award-winning program concentrates on helping to produce positive legislative and governmental agency rule changes for the architectural profession by addressing such issues as professional liability, building codes, preservation, energy and environmental concerns, economic development, architect/engineer selection procedures, licensing requirements, construction appropriations and professional service taxation. Priorities are established each year so that AIA Ohio resources are most effectively utilized.

Contact AIA Ohio if you would like:

  • more information regarding state agencies’ programs, processes and policies affecting architects
  • to share a positive (or negative) experience you have had with state regulations and assist AIA Ohio in assessing trends in administration
  • more information about activities of related industry organizations affecting architects
  • to know more about how AIA Ohio works with other organizations and coalitions on matters improving construction in Ohio
  • to know more about how your interests are represented on a state level

Statement of Purpose

The American Institute of Architects was organized in 1857 as a membership organization for professional registered architects. The objects of the AIA shall be to organize and unite in fellowship the membership of the architectural profession; to promote the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession; to advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice; to coordinate the building industry and the profession of architecture to ensure the advancement of the living standards of people through their improved environment; and to make the profession of ever-increasing service to society.

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