The House Commerce, Labor and Technology Committee took testimony May 9 on HB 140 which would establish licensing for  residential construction contractors. 

Rep. Patmon introduced his bill, which would require residential and nonresidential construction contractors to obtain a state license. The bill would also create the Residential Builders’ and Maintenance and Alteration Contractors’ Licensing Board to regulate licensure and performance of contractors.

Patmon listed a number of skills that would be licensed under the bill, including but not limited to: 

– Carpentry
– Concrete work
– Swimming pool installation

– Waterproofing basements – Excavation

– Masonry

– Roofing

Patmon said it is not right that the only thing a contractor must do before starting work is obtain insurance and a bond, without any other necessary qualifications.

The representative told the committee that he would get back to the members on two questions: how many other states implement what he is proposing and how much would it cost.

On the issue of cost, Patmon said that he believed the tax benefit created by deterring scammers and promoting legitimate businesses would more than offset the cost. He also talked about the exemptions in the bill, which included homeowners who wish to conduct work on their own property.