This spring, AIA Ohio sponsored the first Schools of Architecture Competition Charrette.  The goals included:

·         increasing interaction between the 4 schools of architecture and the profession by engaging students, professors and professionals in the charrette and jury process and

·         increasing interaction between the students of local school programs by promoting team submissions that foster collaboration.

The competition was for an “Architectural Congress of Ohio Pavilion” in Cincinnati for inter-institutional collaboration between the State’s schools of architecture, its professional design organizations, and the spaces they collectively influence.  The site was in close proximity to the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with a 15,000 sf program with work space, resource space and exhibition space.


The competition resulted in 70 students participating on 31 teams representing the four schools of architecture.  At each school, professors and local members of the AIA selected a first place winner and five finalists to compete at the state level.  The AIA Ohio Jury reviewed 20 submissions and selected First, Second and Third Place winners and two Honorable Mentions.  On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank the professors and professionals who volunteered their time and congratulate the winning students and schools:

AIA Ohio Jury:


            Steven Shinn, AIA, Chair

            Paul Hollenbeck, AIA

            Mike Schuster, FAIA

            Robert Maschke, FAIA

      School Professors:

            Udo Greinacher (University of Cincinnati)

            Bart Overly (Ohio State University)

            John Weigand (Miami University)

            Bruce Sekanick, AIA (Representing Kent State University)

Local University Juries:

      Ohio State University

            Katherine Bennett; Beth Blostein; Ruth Gless (AIA); John Kelleher (AIA); Robert Livesey (FAIA)

      University of Cincinnati

            Tom Bible; Whitney Hamaker; Aarati Kanekar; Michael McInturf; Stephen Slaughter

      Miami University

            John Weigand; Craig Hinrichs; Brad Garmann (AIA), John McCreery (AIA)

      Kent State University
            Charles Harker; Brett Tippey; Raymond Glover (AIA); Emily Little (AIA)

AIA Ohio Winners:

      First Place: ($2,000)

            Pellucid Pavilion (Team 125) (Ohio State University)

                  Josh Channels

                  Eric Junker
Kyle Carpenter



Second Place: ($1,000)

            Mixing Chamber (Team 13025) (University of Cincinnati)

                  Alexander Dever

                  J Christopher Popa



Third Place: ($500)

            The Seam (Team 6) (Miami University)

                  Allen Yoder

                  Greg Dirienzo

                  Clayton Witt

                  Blythe Ely




Honorable Mention

            Project 513 (Team 13026) (University of Cincinnati)

                  Scott Betz

                  Alex Gormley

                  Andrew Sommerville

                  Owen Weinstein




Honorable Mention

            Tuesday-Friday (Team 13032) (University of Cincinnati)

                  Sarah Vaz



Local University Winners:


      Ohio State University Finalist: ($500)


            Pellucid Pavilion (Team 125) (See First Place Winner)


                  Josh Channels


                  Eric Junker


                  Kyle Carpenter




      University of Cincinnati Finalist: ($500)

            Mixing Chamber (Team 13025) (See Second Place Winner)

                  Alexander Dever

                  J Christopher Popa 


      Miami University Finalist: ($500)


            The Seam (Team 6) (See Third Place Winner)
                  Allen Yoder

                  Greg Dirienzo

                  Clayton Witt

                  Blythe Ely


      Kent State University Finalist: ($500)

            Design Pavilion (Team 005)

                  Timothy Ong

                  Adrian Helton