The AIA National ArchiPAC Steering Committee released the Spring ArchiPAC Newsletter to correspond with AIA National Convention in Denver this past week.  Contributions during the conference went over the halfway point as the efforts move into the second half of the year to meet our 2013 goal of $201,300 (2013). As most members know, ArchiPAC compliments the effort at the state PAC to address issues that are at the national level that have far reaching effects on the overall profession.  The AIA has continuously worked to improve our advocacy efforts and the way that we can support those members of Congress that help us in our in making sure the needs of the profession have a voice at the legislative table.  Please review the newsletter and consider a contribution.  It does not have to be large and participation is as equally important as the contribution.

The AIA Ohio PAC will be kicking off our effort in July and we hope everyone can take a little time to review the information we will be sending out to the chapters.  The PAC is one way that we can as members can help in our state effort to advance the role of the architect and help our communities realize the important of architecture in their day-to-day lives.  When asked, please consider contributing to the AIA Ohio PAC.