Bruce W. Sekanick AIA OAA, AIA National Board of Directors

AIA Foresight ReportThe AIA, in conjunction with the National Convention in Denver this past week, issued the AIA Foresight Report witch is intended to be a tool for practicing architects in advancing the business of architecture.  The report, free to members of the AIA, is a 32 page document that covers a wide range of information on significant trends on practice, diversity, the recovery and leadership.  This report is has been created by the Greenway Group and it is intended to give AIA members a better understanding of the environement in which we parctice. 

This document has been created to provide you with information for use today.  Future issues will be provided by the AIA to keep you up to date with the most current trends to help you in your practice as a firm principal, designer, or emergining professional or associate who wants to better understand the business of architecture.  Broken down into key sections of practice, including Firm Strategies, Professional Practice, Leadership, and Evolution and Change, the booklet provides focused information to help AIA members stay ahead of trends and to become leaders in the profession and in their communities.

This document is a mbmeber service and is free for members to download.  Non-members can get this report, but not without first paying a fee that reflects the benefits of AIA membership.  As a member, you can down load this report by loggin to the the AIA national website and  by going to and then clicking on the link on the lower half of the page.  Please note that you will need to be signed in on the site as an AIA member.

We hope this document is helpful in repositioning your practice in todays environment and we look forward to your comments and feedback.