Bruce Sekanick AIA OAA, AIA National Board of Directors

AIA Ohio wishes everyone a very happy 4th of July and hope everyone has the opportunity to spend some time with family and friends as we celebrate our nations independance. Our independance did not, as we know, come without a cost.  Many sacrificed their lives and fortunes as advocates for the citizens of our new country and as we celebrate all that we gained, we need to remember those who put so much at risk to take the helm of leadership.

It is important for us as members of the AIA to step up and become advocactes for our profession, just as the founding members of the Second Continental Congress did when they signed the Declaration of Independance.  I want to express my sincere thanks and congratulations to the members of AIA Ohio and the Ohio Valley Region who stepped up to contribute to ArchiPAC, the federal PAC of the AIA.  Today, we reached our 2013 goal as a region and our leadership is helping to set the pace for others to follow and aspire to.  While we still look for contributors to meet our donor goal, on this 4th of July we should take the time to celebrate this achievement with pride in the knowledge that we are making a difference and our efforts will help define the future of our profession.