UT Establishes School for Green Chemistry/Engineering
Representatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) joined the University of Toledo (UT) this week to announce the creation of a new School for Green Chemistry and Engineering. The new school will focus on the need for sustainability with the design of products and processes from origin through end of life that use renewable raw materials and environmentally safe processes.

“Green chemistry and biomimicry, which is green chemistry and engineering that uses natural raw materials and processes that mimic nature and produce zero waste, are the future of science and UT is positioning itself to be a leader in teaching, researching and applying this science,” UT President Lloyd A. Jacobs said in a statement.
“What we do now and in the future will have serious consequences to our health and environment and it is important that we look at our current processes to reconfigure them to be more efficient or create new ones all together that are more sustainable and less harmful,” he said.
Paul Anastas, Ph.D., USEPA’s assistant administrator for the Office of Research and Development and Science Advisor; Matthew Platz, Ph.D., director of the NSF’s Division of Chemistry; and Robert Peoples, Ph.D., director of the Green Chemistry Institute headquartered at the American Chemical Society