A South Carolina company said Wednesday an agreement with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services would make it more efficient and less costly for public agencies across the state to contract services for repair, renovation, and minor construction projects on public buildings, schools, parks, and roads.

 The Gordian Group, Inc. said the system is available to about 2,000 state, county, and municipal agencies, as well as public school districts and universities.

 The company said Ohio is among a group of states that have chosen Gordian Group Jobs Order Contracting services to help governments control spending in the delivery of facility repair services. Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Utah have implemented similar programs.

 Ohio is implementing a Gordian Group version of job order contracting through a national buying cooperative.

 Job order contracting is a competitively bid procurement system that agencies use to accomplish a large number of small to medium-sized repair and alteration projects based on a set of locally priced construction tasks and competitively awarded contracts.