Gov. John Kasich previewed a 2012 agenda December 19 warning local officials not to expect a capital appropriations budget like those in years past, and said he’s asked Ohio State University President Gordon Gee to chair a gathering of university leaders to decide together on a list of capital projects in need of funding, rather than having each institution lobby the administration separately.

“There will be no community projects in that capital bill, and it will be a very skinny capital bill, because we can’t take on the debt service,” he said.

Kasich said he still wants to keep lowering taxes — specifically mentioning the income tax and the way it applies to capital gains — but has no specific proposals in the near term. 

“As we get more revenue, as we have more opportunity to generate more jobs, and as we start running these surpluses … then I think people should get some of their money back,” he said. “Let’s take a deep breath, celebrate what we’ve done, think about the future. But I’m not prepared to make any decisions about that at this point.”