AIA Members: Leaders in the Design Profession

Membership in the AIA provides each member with a wide variety of opportunities as both a professional and member of your local community.  Through leadership, networking, education and advocacy, the efforts of the AIA enhances and supports architects in practice and in community involvement.  As “The Voice of the Profession”, the AIA provides opportuntites to both new and seasoned professional through programs and events offered by the Institute as well as state and local components.  The Folloiwng videos, produced by the California Council of the American Institute of Architects, provide a brief introduction to why AIA membership should be, and is, important to you.

|Valuing the AIA through Networking and Leadership| Click here to find out how the AIA can help support you as a leader and how membership in the AIA provides you with opportunties to connect, collaborate and interact with other architects on design and common issues.

|Valuing the AIA through Professional Activities| Click here to find out how the the programs, activities and events provided through the various levels of the AIA improves you as a design professional.

|Valuing the AIA through Credibility and Advocacy| Click here to find out how the efforts of the AIA supports you through advocacy and legislation to improve the profession and the built envirionment.  As a member of the AIA, you are recognized as a true design professional and y are part of more than 80,000 others who make up the Credible Voice.