Even as lawmakers debate stripping renewable energy standards from Ohio’s four-year-old electricity policy, a group of four central Ohio residents is proposing a constitutional amendment to commit more than $1 billion in bond revenue a year to develop solar, wind and other energy sources.

The group, called Yes for Ohio’s Energy Future, submitted a petition summary for the Ohio Clean Energy Initiative amendment for approval Friday to Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office. He has until Feb. 21 to make a decision on certifying the petition.

Under the amendment, the state would issue $1.3 billion in bonds each fiscal year through FY2023. The money could be spent to support energy infrastructure related to solar, wind, biomass, battery technology and geothermal sources; research and development; and site and facility development for clean energy. The amendment would commit $65 million of the bond revenue to run the Ohio Energy Initiative Commission.

Project funding decisions would be made by Ohio Energy Initiative Commission LLC, a company registered in the state of Delaware.

The amendment was submitted by Columbus attorney Don McTigue on behalf of the Yes for Ohio’s Energy Future committee, made up of Evonne Richardson of Galloway, Maria Yonamine of Columbus, Kevin Howard of Gahanna and David Renner of Upper Arlington.

Sen. Kris Jordan (R-Powell) has introduced SB216, which would remove requirements imposed in 127-SB221 (Schuler) for Ohio electric utilities to provide a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable sources. 

The petition summary is available at http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/BallotInitiatives.aspx/?from=nav