Bylaw Changes in Final Stage

More than three years ago, AIA Ohio started a process to better organize our Bylaws and Rules of the Board.  This process, which included a comparison of the Bylaws, the AIA Model Component Bylaws and the AIA Ohio Rules of the Board, was organized into three phases.  The first phase included a comparison of the model Bylaws to the then current AIA Ohio Bylaws.  This resulted in the rearrangement and renumbering of the bylaws to correspond to both the numbering, and the numbering format, used by national.  This re-arrangement also resulted in the elimination of many of those areas of the bylaws that were in conflict with national standards.  The Rules of the Board were also reorganized to eliminate duplication of rules already covered by the bylaws along with the elimination of conflicts between the two documents.  The second phase of the process included the reorganization of the Rules of the Board to a format that addressed specific actions of the Board of Directions.  These sections include Rules that supplement information in the Bylaws, Policies, that include governance policies, Positions, that are define specific advocacy goals of the organization, and Procedures, that cover the requirements for programs and events.  The third phase of review included changes proposed to the membership at the 2011 Annual Meeting at the OVR Convention in Dayton.  These changes were proposed to address all of those inconsistencies and conflicts necessary to bring the bylaws into compliance with those of the Institute.


The final stage in this process included the review of the changes and a complete review of the entire document by the general legal counsel of the Institute.  This review was completed in October and with the minor changes indicated in the attached documents, has been approved by the Institute.  By Rule, these changes as required, are to be posted for 60 days prior to the AIA Ohio Board of Directors taking action to finalize the process at its January 2012 Board Meeting.  Members can review the proposed changes and forward comments on the proposed changes to either Kate Brunswick, CAE Hon. AIA or Bruce Sekanick, AIA, prior to the January meeting of the Board.

Description of Proposed Changes to the Bylaws

Proposed Final Version of the Bylaws to be Approved