The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted standard processes surrounding how we educate students at every level. This spring, all schools, colleges, and universities were ordered to transition to a virtual platform by the Ohio Department of Health out of concern for the safety of the students, their families, educators, and administrative personnel. As we enter the summer of 2020, the effects of the pandemic have not disappeared, and we remain concerned about an uncertain future. Current policy and protocols for how we interface with the current educational environment need to be reshaped, and our local and statewide leaders need valuable information to inform pressing decisions.

AIA Ohio is interested in rallying architecture students, emerging professionals, and experienced architects to explore alternate solutions for K-12 and higher education facilities which will help administrators prepare for students returning to in-person classes.  Policymakers may be able to consider these innovative solutions to influence their plans and justify resource allocation to transform our educational environments and improve school safety.


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