AIA National – May 31, 2020

“As Americans, we are mindful of this nation’s dark history of racial inequality. We are appalled by any actions that further threaten the universal respect and human dignity that everyone deserves. As architects, we remain committed to advancing civil rights protections, fair housing policies, and accessibility in the built world to help achieve the more perfect union we all seek. The fact is that architects and AIA, in our more than 160-year history, have not always felt compelled to share our perspectives. But the times we live in, the horrific nature of the events we witness, and the role we see for every member of our society demands that we speak out.”

An AIA Board Statement on Systemic Racial Injustice – June 4, 2020

Read the AIA Board’s statement here. 

AIA Ohio Local Components

The AIA Ohio Board, through AIA Ohio’s Advocacy Committee, is committed to addressing these issues in the state. Below are local component communications regarding Ohio’s cities and communities.