Through a press release from AIA President Mickey Jacob, FAIA, the AIA urged congress to put aside political differences and work together for the “common good” of the American public.  Noting that the the design and construction industry is just begining to recover from one of the worst economic downturns in modern history, Jacob stated that ” The last thing we need is the self-inflicted wound that can potentially further damage the economy”.  In his statement, Jacob noted that AIA members are disillusioned with the current political atmosphere in Washington, and urged lawmakers to put aside differences and work together.

Jacob also encouraged members of the AIA to make sure their voices were heard and to continue to be engaged in the political arena.  Noting the connection between the federal government, the profession and the shut-down, the AIA released a list of comprehensive questions and answers for members.  This list titled Federal Government Shutdown: What You Need to Know, can be found on the Federal Advocacy website has been attached to assist members in addressing their concerns on the status of current and future design work and other consequences of the Federal Shutdown