The AIA Ohio Foundation exists to further the experience of architecture in Ohio. In keeping with this idea, a primary agenda of the Foundation is to provide scholarships to students of architecture and facilitate the connection between the profession and future leaders. The AIA Ohio Foundation, in collaboration with a grant provided by AIA National, awards scholarships each academic year to students attending each of the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accredited schools of architecture in the state of Ohio. The scholarships are funded through a $10 per member dues assessment.

Any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, at an Ohio NAAB accredited school of architecture, who has completed at least two (2) academic years of architectural study is eligible to be considered for a grant. Residency of the student and relationship to AIA Ohio members, if any, does not serve to disqualify a student from consideration. A student is not eligible to be awarded more than two (2) student grants.

The selection of a student to receive grants at each Ohio NAAB accredited school of architecture shall be by a jury of faculty members selected by the head of the school. Each jury shall establish its own rules, procedures and criteria for the selection of students to receive grants. Students to be awarded grants shall be selected annually.

AIA Ohio Foundation board members present the scholarships to the successful students at each school. They also present the students with a commemorative AIA Ohio Foundation paperweight, and a certificate.

Students often are asked to be part of the AIA Ohio Annual State Convention (usually in the Fall). This is considered on a case-by case basis and involves geographic proximity. Funding costs are covered in part by the Foundation.

Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Bowling Green State University – Eduardo Hidalgo and Madeline Montgomery
Kent State University – Katelyn Owens
Miami University – Will Monroe and Zerin Promee
University of Cincinnati – Isaiah Zuercher

Bowling Green State University – Megan Daly
Kent State University – Nguyen Le
Miami University – Pankaj Joy and Tanzim Rachana
The Ohio State University – Neda Sadat Tabatabaei Nezhad
University of Cincinnati – Jacob Bernans

Bowling Green State University – Cody Ellerbrock
Kent State University – Erica Adams
Miami University – Sarah Barry and Brandon Dalessandro
The Ohio State University – Nun Cungbik
University of Cincinnati – Cassidy Rodgers

Bowling Green State University – Isabelle Parker and Jacob Roberts
Kent State University – Amber Kustaborder
Miami University – Margaret Woolf and Siv DeBoom
The Ohio State University – Rachel Seifert
University of Cincinnati – Chandler Philpott

Miami University – Bin Sayeed Bakhti and Emma Pevoar
The Ohio State University – Hermon Habte
University of Cincinnati – Rachel Kallicharan

Kent State University – Audra Rexrode
Miami University – Samah Yagoub and Michel Al Najm
University of Cincinnati – Nikki Weitz

Kent State University – Gwendolyn Frank
Miami University – Nazia Tarannum and Mary Shoufan
The Ohio State University – Sara Ann Webb
University of Cincinnati – Amber Wasinski
Bowling Green State University – Haley Evans and Elizabeth Hasenfratz

Kent State University – Emily Appelbaum
Miami University – Laurel Himmel and Jordan Neff-Estle
The Ohio State University – Liyang Chen
University of Cincinnati – Mark Landis
Bowling Green State University – Srujana Gandikota, Steven Hallock, Antonio Lopez, Madhurya Parsi, and Kathryn Schopp

Kent State University – Timothy Ong
Miami University – Todd Yoby and Fahmida Shamsuddin
The Ohio State University – Ryan Riordan
University of Cincinnati – Jessica Dangelo

Kent State University – Nathan Yanosick
Miami University – Jeffery Barr and Adam Clark
The Ohio State University – Jacqueline Stern
University of Cincinnati – Erin Marie Kline

Kent State University – Ryan Croyle
Miami University – Craig Genet and Mark Bailey
The Ohio State University – Jeffrey Anderson
University of Cincinnati – Pooja Kashyap

Kent State University – Claire Markwardt
Miami University – Samuel Toland, Jennifer Cahill, and Elizabeth Nahrup
The Ohio State University – Jeff Anderson
University of Cincinnati – Jennifer Colley

Kent State University – Melanie Panutsos
Miami University – Lindsay Fallert, J. Brice Hamill, Craig Heitger
The Ohio State University – Andrew Jackson
University of Cincinnati – Breanna Justus

Kent State University – Neil Luketic
Miami University – Joshua Frick and Curt Sparks
The Ohio State University – Jeyun Do
University of Cincinnati – Mark Pother

Miami University – Leticia Calonge
Miami University – Orin Kincade
The Ohio State University – Brian Lapolla
University of Cincinnati – Wade Andrew Hart

Kent State University – Olga Andriyevska
Miami University – Heinz von Eckartsberg
The Ohio State University – Deanna Hinkle
University of Cincinnati – Nicholas Sillies

Kent State University – Christopher Loeser
Miami University – Matthew Robert Newbold and Sahar Kawasmi
The Ohio State University – Scott Colman
University of Cincinnati – Abigail Rae Brown

Kent State University – Kyle May
Miami University – Matthew Honegger and Michelle Rivera
The Ohio State University – Nathan Wendling
University of Cincinnati – Eric Stear

Kent State University – Shannon Misutka
Miami University – Troy Landon Lowell and Scott Douglas Later
The Ohio State University – Ivan Vukcevich
University of Cincinnati – Tony Schonhardt

Kent State University – Nicholas Fagan
Miami University – Nousi Chen and Dan Bolohan
The Ohio State University – Andrew Calhoun
University of Cincinnati – Nathan DeGraaf

Kent State University – Joshua Haney
Miami University – Aaron Bivens
The Ohio State University – Jeffrey Ellerbrock
University of Cincinnati –

*Scholarship provided in part by a matching grant from the American Institute of Architects