The AIA Ohio Foundation works to promote architectural education and public awareness of architecture in Ohio.  Funds are utilized to support educational materials, programs and scholarships for the students and schools of architecture throughout the state.  

In recognition of former AIA Ohio member, the late Charles J. Marr, FAIA’s early efforts and significant generosity in establishing the AIA Ohio Foundation, the Charles J. Marr Award was established to recognize individuals whose commitment to the profession is exemplary.  Any person is recognized as a “Charles J. Marr Sustaining Member” who makes, or in whose honor is made, an initial contribution to the Foundation of $100 or more, with the stated intention of becoming a Charles J. Marr Award recipient within 10 years by donating the balance of the total $1,000 contribution.

All contributions to the AIA Ohio Foundation are used to provide scholarships to the four schools of architecture in Ohio.  The AIA Ohio Foundation is recognized as a 501 (c)3 organization by the IRS, and contributions are tax deductible.

Each year, contributions to the AIA Ohio Foundation help provide scholarships to each of the four schools of Architecture in Ohio.  Last year, over $12,000 was distributed to worthy students who will define the future of the profession!

Earn you own Marr citation

Please send your check payable to:

AIA Ohio Foundation
400 W. Wilson Bridge Rd., Ste. 120
Worthington, OH  43085

Thank you for your support!

Following is a list of individuals who have received the AIA Ohio Foundation Charles J. Marr Award:

Dan Bickerstaff, AIA
Robert Bostwick, FAIA
Rick Butera, AIA
Michael Christoff, AIA
Judson Kline, FAIA
Angela Mazzi, FAIA
John Orsini, AIA
Kim Phillips, AIA
Jennifer Rittler, AIA

Aaron Hill, AIA
Heather Judge, AIA
Michael Mauch, AIA
Matthew Teismann, AIA
Matt Toddy, AIA
Robyn Wolf, AIA

Linda Beall, AIA
David Craun, AIA
Aleksander Daskalov, AIA
Rob Habel, AIA
Krutarth Jain, AIA
Patrick Lankey, AIA
Anthony Malik, AIA
Robert Maschke, FAIA
Jane Treiber

Jennie Becker, Becker Impressions
Stephanie Gula, AIA
Craig Pickerel, AIA
Mike Vala, AIA
Jodi van der Wiel, AIA
Cynthia Williams, AIA

Yanitza Brongers-Marrero, AIA
Kate Brunswick, CAE, Hon. AIA
Jay Crafton, AIA
Daniel Ebert, AIA
John Kelleher, AIA
Allison McKenzie, AIA
Chris Toddy, AIA

John Meegan, AIA
Fritz Roberson, AIA
Joseph Steines, AIA
Greg Tilsley, AIA
John Weigand, AIA
Terry Welker, FAIA

Joe Moss, AIA
Vincent Terry, AIA

Jim Dalton, FAIA
Rob Habel, AIA
Denise Holt, AIA
Frederick Koehler, AIA
Karen Planet, AIA

Ed Glowacki, AIA and Mary Glowacki, AIA
Kevin Willis, AIA

John Rogers, FAIA, FACHA

Charles Schreckenberger, AIA
Bruce Sekanick, AIA, OAA

Fred Holman, AIA

Richard Neil Bechtel, AIA
James Crawfis, AIA
John J. Braun, AIA

Barbara Peiker
Claude DiIanni

Gary Balog, AIA
Hal Munger, FAIA

John J. Braun, AIA
David Johnson

C. Robert Buchanan, AIA
Marr Knapp Crawfis Associates
Norbert Peiker, FAIA
Paul Ricciuti, FAIA
Don Schreckengost

John W. Haddon
E. Lynn App, AIA

James E. Campbell
Clyde R. Tipton, Jr.

Sylvester Damianos, FAIA
John R. Hoellrich, AIA
Jack L. Hawk, AIA
Charles J. Marr, FAIA
Robert A. Mastriana, AIA
John P. Schooley, AIA
Douglas L. Steidle, FAIA