The Ohio School Facilities Commission Thursday approved new changes to the commission’s design manual, including updates to regional cost factor sections and the transition of technical specifications to performance-based criteria.

Melanie Drerup, deputy chief of planning for the commission, said staff worked with consultants to make changes on the manual so that the commission would not have to annually update it to reflect changes in technical terms. She said they are purposefully moving away from technical specifications in the design manual and getting more to performance-based criteria that would examine what a district needs and how a contractor would work with the district on implementing those needs.

The commission also approved three new Classroom Facilities Assistance Program (CFAP) projects for Canal Winchester School District in Franklin County, Minister School District in Auglaize County and Toronto School District in Jefferson County. The districts have their local share in place, but may still need some work on the master plans for the districts.

According to commission Executive Director David Williamson, the commission still has 277 school districts remaining to be served. The commission has served 382 districts with projects at this point.