The NCARB released a wide range of information in their annual report. Ranging from efforts to collaborate with other organizations to IDP, the report details the efforts of the NCARB to improve the expereince efforts of IDP while also documenting the trends of the practicioners from throughout the country.  The following is some of the information that was included in the report:

Interns on average, nationwide,  work for less than three employers while they complete the IDP.  Those employed here in Ohio are near the top of the range, with many interns moving around and aorking for close to three firms while they participate in the IDP program.

Those who have applied for NCARB records and those who have completed the IDP and ARE remain strong, with the age for initial registration continuing to decline.

The United States currently has 107,581 registered architects with 119,200 reciprocal licenses.

California has the most registered architects with 16,618 resident architects and Ohio at 3,234 resident architects and 3,080 reciprocal architects, for a total of 6,314 architects.  This ranks Ohio as 11 in the resident architect category and 12th for total architects.

For more information on the report and links as included in this pat months ARCHITECT magazine, click the following link: ARCHITECT Magazine NCARB Annual Report Information