As his first duty as SHPO, Logan announced that the five-year statewide historic preservation plan, A Future For Ohio’s Past: A Plan for Ohioans 2010-2014, is available to the public. The plan was prepared by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office in partnership with numerous organizations and agencies. Key features include historic preservation goals shaped by active community involvement, preservation stories from throughout the state, a variety of historic preservation information and a synopsis of Ohio’s historic and cultural resources.

The core of the plan is a set of six goals that reflect the preservation priorities of the citizens of Ohio, according to Logan. They include:

– Pay for Preservation: Increase funding to identify, evaluate, preserve and protect Ohio’s historic resources.

– Educate the Public: Increase public awareness and education to enable Ohioans to discover, understand and preserve historic places.

– Identify Historic Resources: Identify historic and evaluate historic resources and make information about them accessible for preservation planning, advocacy and education.

– Get Involved: Develop local commitment by encouraging public and private involvement in local historic places.

– Lead: Improve historic preservation leadership in Ohio.

– Promote Historic Preservation: Create a positive image for historic preservation through increased promotional efforts.

The goals, challenges and opportunities listed in the plan are the result of a statewide online survey conducted in 2008 and represent a wide range of preservation interests across the state. The goals are meant to foster state, regional and local preservation planning for five years, after which the plan will be revised based on current preservation priorities, Logan explained in a release.

“I encourage Ohioans to read the plan, share it with others in your community and to apply one or more of the goals to preservation efforts in your neighborhood or town,” Logan said. “The Ohio Historic Preservation Office welcomes comments on the current plan and suggestions for the future.”

To receive a hard copy of the plan, contact the Ohio Historic Preservation Office at 614-298-2000 or The plan is also available online at .