Governor John Kasich vetoed a number of provisions in the recently enacted Mid Biennium Review Bill, HB 487, among which were the following related to state construction: 

– A requirement for the Ohio School Facilities Commission to develop rules under both Chap. 111.15 and Chap. 119 of the

Ohio Revised Code. Kasich’s veto message calls this “a duplicative administrative burden.”

– Changes to the Ohio School Facilities Commission’s Expedited Local Partnership Program. “Under this provision, school

districts that have previously signed agreements with the School Facilities Commission under the Expedited Local

Partnership Program to lock in their local percentage shares of construction projects in exchange for faster consideration

and approval by the commission now would be able to unilaterally change their agreements and reduce their agreed-upon

percentage and therefore their costs,” Kasich wrote.

– Language on design-build and construction management contracts. Kasich said this change could “erode” construction

reforms instituted last year and also give the attorney general’s office new powers “incongruent with the attorney general’s

duties as prescribed by the Ohio Constitution and existing law.”

– Language on existing capital construction authority for the Department of Public Safety and Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Kasich said this item also undermines the intent of last year’s construction reforms by creating a different process for one