Vetoed by Governor Kasich in the Mid Biennium Review Bill (HB483) was language that would have changed funding priorities under School Facilities Commission programs for districts that had a large reliance on tangible personal property taxes, which were eliminated in 2005.


The impact on some districts has been that they have less local revenue to pay their share of the cost of new building construction and they’re also kept low on the priority funding list. The bill language would have moved five districts up on the list in fiscal year 2015 and required a total of $97.5 million more in state share for their projects, according to the fiscal analysis.

Rep. Tim Derickson (R-Oxford) had sought the language in past budget bills only to see it vetoed by both Gov. Kasich and Gov. Ted Strickland before him.

“Under this item, schools would be able to unilaterally change the project agreements they reached with the state in order to reduce their costs,” Gov. Kasich wrote.