Preparations are underway for the 2011 edition of the AIA Ohio Handbook.  The handbook will be mailed to the complete AIA Ohio membership, several affiliate organizations, and all 132 members of the Ohio General Assembly upon publication in July, 2011.

Each AIA Ohio member is listed in the book alphabetically, by chapter, with his/her name, address, phone, fax and email address.  Another very important part of out directory is the “Firm Profile” which provides significant information about AIA Ohio architectural firms.  The cost to list your firm is a nominal $50 processing fee.  We’ve updated our processes this year so that firm profiles can be submitted online.  Click here to access the online form to submit your firm’s listing.   

Each year we hear from several disgruntled members who feel that they were inadvertently left out of the “Profile” section of the book.  Again, please understand that as a member you automatically receive an individual listing, and if you feel this listing is sufficient, stop here – But, if you would like to feature additional information about your firm, or your work, here’s how to obtain a “Profile” listing in the Handbook. 

If one principal or partner in your firm is a member of the AIA and your firm holds a Certificate of Authority to practice in Ohio: 

  1. Determine who in your firm will fill out the information. 
  2. Review last year’s listing and make the appropriate changes, or if you didn’t submit a listing, take note of the type of information other firms include.  Note:  you must complete the online form.  The publisher will not accept copies of listings from previous years. 
  3.  Submit your firm profile listing online by May 6, 2011.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline, as in the past this has caused significant delays to the printing of the Handbook. Click here to access the online form to submit your firm’s listing. 

Remember that the information will be printed as you present it, and it must be presented clearly in order for it to be accurate!  The publisher will send out a confirmation of your listing prior to publication.

The deadline again is May 6, 2011.  Don’t delay and risk being left out of this important marketing tool.  This is your only chance to be included in the 2011 Directory!