Cool Spaces, the PBS television program that highlights some of America’s most unique architectural spaces has been available in a number of television markets for most of the past year.  The “Art Spaces” Episode has been uploaded to YouTube and is now available for viewing even for those who may not have previously been able to view the program in their local market.  Hosted by architect and educator Stephen Chung, AIA, Cool Spaces is a program that looks at the best of new architecture in a way that is informative for both the public and the architecctural community.  The program is supported in part by the American Institute of Architects.

The episode online at YouTube is “Art Spaces“, but there is also a segment on “Performance Spaces”.  While your there, you might also want to watch a short interview with AIA national Gold Medal Recipient Moshe Safdie FAIA.  Cool Spaces is a unique program that promotes architecture in a unique way.