Three construction-reform rules for the Department of Administrative Services cleared the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review on Monday without opposition.

The rules pertain to single prime contracts and detail the type and amount of surety bonds; subcontractor forms; and documents for construction manager at-risk and design-build contracts.

It was the first group of single prime contractor rules to come before the committee since the practice was authorized in the state biennial budget bill (HB153), JCARR Chairman Rep. Ross McGregor (R-Springfield) said.

“This is the first series of rules that have come through the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review,” Mr. McGregor said. “There is another package of rules that is currently being worked on through DAS and we’ll anticipate seeing those in early January.”

No written testimony was submitted on the issue, JCARR Executive Director Larry Wolpert said.

Until the budget passed, multiple prime contracts were required for state construction projects. The budget authorizes the state to use other construction delivery methods, such as single prime, which allows a single entity to hold administrative oversight on a project. Proponents say the alternative construction methods will yield significant cost savings.