The AIA Ohio Valley Regional Council is soliciting nominations for the position of Regional Director, to replace Chas Schreckenberger, AIA.  Any AIA Ohio component may nominate a candidate.  Individual declarations of candidacy may be made as well.  The individual elected will begin a three-year term on Jan. 1, 2013, and serve through Dec. 31, 2015.  Nominations and declarations of candidacy should be made by sending a letter of intent from the candidate, supporting letters (not required…no more than three) and a list of qualifications to the AIA Ohio Valley Region, by February 10, 2012. 

Biographical information on each nominated or declared candidate shall be submitted to:

                AIA Ohio Valley Region, 17 S. High St., Ste. 200, Columbus, OH  43215-3458

If you choose, you may submit via email to:

Nominations or declarations will be forwarded to the Council’s Nominating Committee and recommendations will be made to the Regional Council for an election scheduled for April 19, 2012.  Candidates should plan to be available to attend this Regional Council meeting, which will be held in Cincinnati, OH, in order to be interviewed by the Council. 

Please note, Chas Schreckenberger, AIA, holds the position of the First Director (see excerpt from the OVR bylaws, below). 

Section 5. Election of Regional Director
The Regional Council shall call for the nomination of and shall elect the Regional Director(s) by vote of a simple majority of the Delegates of the Council present. The first Director from the Ohio Valley Region, shall be elected to serve a three-year term, and shall be perpetually succeeded by a director elected from the eligible membership of a Component in Ohio. The second Director shall serve an initial two-year term and shall be perpetually succeeded by a director elected from the eligible membership of Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky. Should Ohio not be able to provide a candidate willing to serve as Regional Director, a director shall be elected from Indiana or Kentucky to fill the position.