Again, this year, the AIA Ohio Foundation has continued its traditional scholarship program with the granting of scholarships this spring to the five accredited architectural programs in Ohio. The universities, which now includes Bowling Green State University, have worked with the Foundation to identify qualified recipients for these scholarship grants. While the pandemic slowed efforts in 2020, including the Foundation’s funding raising, 2021 has allowed the organization to refocus our efforts and expand on our strengths. Recognizing that scholarships can make a significant difference in the career path of students, the Foundation Trustees look forward to the opportunity to meet with the schools later this year to examine ways that our financial support of students can have a more significant impact.

In a similar way, the Board has budgeted for the continued support of AIAS chapter programs. While there was limited activity of the AIAS chapters in the past years, the Foundation plans to provide funding for events and activities of the student chapters as we enter what is hoped to be a more “normal” academic year in the fall. Traditionally funded by minimal student dues and in many cases limited support from the universities, the AIAS is the AIA’s best means of making contact with undergrads in the profession. Our support of their efforts now will, we believe, make a difference in their AIA engagement throughout their professional careers.

The Foundation has provided scholarships totaling nearly $125,000 to students of the five accredited architecture programs, over $6,000 in support of Ohio’s AIAS chapters and nearly $10,000 in support of special programs and chapter events across the state. As we look forward to the 2021-2022 academic year, the AIA Ohio Foundation looks forward to becoming a stronger voice in support of the architectural profession in Ohio.