AIA Ohio Foundation Takes New Approach
Bruce Sekanick, FAIA, President of the AIA Ohio Foundation Board of Trustees

The AIA Ohio Foundation, like any organization, has been regularly reviewing our work and the services we provide to adapt to the needs of those with whom we collaborate.  As we move through 2023, our efforts continue to focus on supporting students within Ohio’s five accredited architectural programs.  As we enter the end of the school year however, the Foundation will begin to work with each school to create a financial support program customized to each school’s needs.  As part of a strategic workshop held earlier this year, it became apparent that “one size” does not fit all.  Each of the five architectural programs in Ohio are unique, and each needs the AIA Ohio Foundation’s support in different ways. 

The Foundation believes strongly that scholarships are core to our mission.  These scholarships in some instances help students stay in school, while in other cases, award those for their academic performance.  Combined with scholarships from a myriad of other organizations and individuals, the AIA Ohio Foundation Scholarship helps grow the profession.  Because of the unique requirements of an architectural education, there are many who simply could not afford to obtain their professional degrees without help from organizations such as the AIA Ohio Foundation.  That is why scholarships remain our primary focus.

Unfortunately, AIA Ohio Foundation scholarships help only a few students each year.  There are many others who have very little contact with the profession and professional organizations such as the AIA.  Through our support of student organizations such as the AIAS and NOMAS, the Foundation can reach many more individuals.  While the Foundation has provided funding to the AIAS chapters for several years, it is our hope that NOMAS will become part of the support program for the schools in 2023. 

The AIA Ohio Foundation continues to provide financial support for those who most need our assistance.  While we’d like to support a larger number of programs and events, our resources simply do not allow us to do so.  The Board of Trustees has decided to leave the grants program closed for the immediate future as we try to better understand our resources and determine how monies might be best used.  We hope to have more information on these efforts soon. 

We thank each of you for your support of the Foundation and ask that you consider a contribution to the organization in support of our programs and mission.  You can contribute to the Foundation via the AIA Ohio website at  Support the AIA OHIO FOUNDATION | AIA Ohio