Since the last newsletter, we have been making great strides for the AIA Ohio PAC. We now have 100% participation from the AIA Ohio Board, the AIA Ohio PAC Committee, AIA Youngstown, AIA Toledo and AIA Akron! Thanks to all who have contributed to date. If you have not made a contribution, or would like to make another one for this year, please see the link at the end of this report. 

We have asked each of the local Board of Directors to get 100% participation. AIA Youngstown, AIA Toledo and AIA Akron have reached this goal and AIA Dayton, AIA Cleveland, AIA Columbus and AIA Cincinnati are getting close to having 100%. Let’s see if we can reach that goal before the next newsletter comes out in July!

You have heard the reasons why the PAC is important and why we need to advocate on behalf of the profession. Last year we saw the passage of SB49, the Design Professionals Payment Assurance Legislation. Your contributions to the PAC helped AIA Ohio connect with members throughout the legislature and to better promote the work of AIA and the needs of architects. The passage of this bill is a great accomplishment and a great start. With this success last year, it is very important for us to continue our efforts and support AIA Ohio in their advocacy efforts. Please make your contribution today!

Mary L. Glowacki, AIA
Chair, AIA Ohio PAC Committee