AIA Ohio Small Firm Exchange SFx

Small Firm Exchange (SFx) Update:

Small Firm Exchange (SFx) is here for you. Check out the AIA Ohio schedule for our monthly coffee chats to connect with other small firm practitioners across the state. We want to hear from you. How can AIA best support your small practice?

The mission of the AIA Small Firm Exchange (SFx) is to advance the mutual interests of architects

practicing in small firms. The objectives of the AIA SFx are three-fold:

  1. Advocate the value of small firms, the national SFx, and local SFx groups, both within the AIA and to the public.
  1. Curate and disseminate the most pertinent resources and information, from the AIA & elsewhere, that benefit small firms.
  1. Inform the AIA of current issues facing small firms and areas in which current resources/information are lacking.

AIA members practicing in small firms are encouraged to reach out to SFx Ohio Representative Sarah Kleiner to become more involved or discuss how the AIA could better support their practice. Find more information about national SFx at You can reach Sarah at


Upcoming SFx Ohio Programming

October 19 Coffee Chat

November 21 Coffee Chat

December 21 Coffee Chat