The Ohio Architect’s Board is seeking increased CE flexibility via HB 243, which was introduced June 8 by Rep. Tim Schaffer with the support of AIA Ohio.  The bill would modify continuing education requirements for both architects and landscape architects.

According to Schaffer, this bill will simplify the continuing education (CE) requirements for Architects and Landscape Architects and will give the state board more control over CE requirements. Ohio’s requirements are currently in conflict with model law set forth by the respective national associations, which is used in many other states.

The reason for this request is an issue that arose during the Landscape Architects Five Year Rule Review with JCARR in 2014.

JCARR staff decided the Landscape Architect’s Board did not have authority to modify the continuing education rule, OAC 4703:1-1-06, the way the board proposed.  This same rule was modified without objection in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

JCARR’s position is that the Board did not have authority to change the types of activities which qualified for CE credit. After almost a decade of experience with mandatory continuing education, both boards have found that some of the activities do not constitute the acquisition of new knowledge. But JCARR has insisted they remain in the rules as options.

The Architects Board continuing education language in 4703.02 is identical to that of the Landscape Architects Board. The architects would also like to fix their language to avoid future issues.

Many architects and landscape architects are registered in multiple states, because their clients often have locations across the country. Many CE activities listed in Ohio statute are not in model law and are not recognized by other states. This creates a burden on licensees who have to earn more hours to meet CE requirements. The state board believes that these changes will make it easier for architects to meet CE needs and make Ohio more business friendly.