AIA Ohio continues its efforts to collect information and to provide for informed planning sessions as we move forward through the rest of the year and into 2011.  The organization has been concentrating on the Strategic Alignment Task Force, created last year, that has been charged with collecting information and offering comments and opinions on a wide range of issues facing AIA Ohio.  This task force, set to conclude its work on May 7, will provide the board with suggestions on ways to address issues relating to dues, management, representation, conventions, and the overall mission of the organization.  Members of this committee, appointed by their chapters, are asked to address as many of the questions in each of of the eight categories as possible prior to May 7, 2010, to allow a summary to be prepared by committee chair Terry Welker, AIA for the May 21, 2010 board meeting.

Over the past week, AIA Ohio has asked for the input of the convention chairs from the past ten years to participate in a Convention Task Force.  This task force will be charged to explore issues, concerns and opportunities related to possible changes in the state convention.  AIA Ohio has successfully provided an annual convention, in concert with local host chapters, for more than 20 years.  As we look ahead, we have opportunities to work with AIA Indiana and AIA Kentucky on providing more frequent regional conventions.  The group will be asked to brainstorm and offer suggestions on ways to improve off-year, or non-regional convention, programming, as well as wyas to improve convention offerings and programs.

We believe it is important for AIA Ohio to continuously explore the opportunities presented and we look forward to continue to provide relevant and informative programming. We thank all members who have committed their time and opinions in working as part of these committees.