AIA Ohio’s Practice Innovation Workshop Series includes six different virtual sessions designed to explore new ways to practice and new technologies that enable us to create architecture differently. These panel discussions are designed to generate ideas that can be implemented directly into a practice or firm.

Sept. 14, 2021 – Recognizing the Added Value of Research in Practice

Architects conduct research in their practices every day and tend to not recognize it. Practices are involved in experimentation and investigation—discovering novel solutions through design, researching new material assemblies, saving energy through novel construction, and sometimes using digital tools innovatively. Firms expand their practical competence and serve their clients better through research. This session is a discussion with experts about research in practice. After this session, attendees will be able to distinguish research from other forms of architectural practice, consider initiating simple research programs into their practice, recognize the potential for grant funding, become aware of Federal tax credits, and identify venues for disseminating results. This presentation will display when and how research happens and answer why it is necessary in today’s competitive market.

Sept. 21, 2021 – Beyond AIA 2030 – Reducing Embodied Carbon

Building Materials and Construction represent a significant portion of annual global emissions (11%). By the year 2050, embodied carbon emissions and operational carbon emissions will be roughly equivalent. This session will arm you with information and tools to evaluate the products you are specifying and what alternatives may be available. From making more educated material choices to developing regenerative architecture, there are easy to use tools that can help us all deliver projects with a lower carbon footprint. Click here to access the session materials.

Oct. 5, 2021 – Alternative Practice: Developing New Client Services

This session takes an in-depth look at how several firms have expanded services through the integration of technology in their more traditional practices. Participants will learn how firms can add alternative services to their firms’ basic offerings to both better serve clients and to increase profitability. This session will focus on how innovative approaches to design services can positively influence a firm’s profitability, while allowing them to establish an elevated market position. The presenters will share their experiences in the development of new services that separate their firm from others in the industry. Click here to access the session materials.

Oct. 12, 2021 – Elevating Design: Collaboration to Elevate your Practice

As firm location continues to have a smaller impact on the selection of design professionals, greater opportunities exist for practices to expand their reach through collaboration. While sometimes looked at as a threat to local firms, especially smaller practices, collaborative arrangements provide opportunities to expand firm reach and increase a firm’s market position. Through networking, large and small firms alike can benefit from a sharing of information and processes.

Oct. 19, 2021 –  Architecture in Wonderland – We’re All Mad Here (?!)

It is no secret that humans all over the globe are experiencing a mental health crisis, which has only been exacerbated since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Our worlds have been turned upside down and while we have figured out ways to work together remotely, there are additional adjustments necessary for a healthy balance in our homes and offices. Stress is a major risk factor for mental health disorders, with workplace stress the leading cause of stress in Americans. This session will discuss strategies for fostering a healthier office culture to provide employees with a sense of competence, control, support, flexibility and humor in their daily lives. Click here to access the session materials. Click here to access the session materials.

Oct. 26, 2021 – Innovative Technologies Reshaping Practice

This session features case studies where innovative technologies are impacting firm process, project delivery, and project success. The session will include innovations in BIM/VDC tools and their implementation in documentation and construction as well as the use of XR platforms (AR and VR) at all phases of project delivery.