AIA Ohio’s proposed “Good Samaritan” bill, HB17, received a Sponsor Hearing February 11 by the Ohio House of Representatives Commerce and Labor Committee.  The bill, introduced by Rep. Louis Blessing III (R-Cincinnati) and Rep. Al Landis (R-Dover) would  provide civil immunity for architects, contractors, engineers, surveyors, and tradespersons providing volunteer services during a declared emergency.

Reps. Blessing and Landis gave sponsor testimony on the bill and said it “grants civil immunity to engineers, architects, and surveyors volunteering during a declared emergency under the purview of a body authorized to act in an official capacity.”  The representatives described a scenario where altruism could lead to being sued.

“This is precisely why this bill is great: it encourages more volunteer work – a great value to the public as engineering services are not cheap – by removing barriers that discourage such work … without risking liabilities,” Blessing concluded.

Blessing told Chairman Young that the bill is the same as the version that passed the House 90-0 during the last General Assembly.

There were no questions.