The AIA Ohio Foundation invites you to join us at the 2014 AIA Ohio Convention and participate in our Foundation Napkin Sketch competition.  Each registrant will recieve one napkin with their registration to participate in the competition.  We all know however, that we are architects, and we can’t be satisfied with just our first design, so…as part of a fund raiser, we will be selling additional napkins at the convention to help you demonstrate your creativity and artistic abilities.  The nice part is that there are no rules – well almost no rules.  Each sketch submitted has an equal chance to win and we have some great prizes.  Be the winner of an IAMAIA mug, or maybe an AIA water bottle.  We also have a moleskin notebook, business card holder and even an “I am an Architect” t-shirt.  Need more incentives?  We will also be giving away a copy of “Architecture, Celebrating the Past, Designing the Future”, produced by the AIA and edited by Nancy Soloman AIA to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the AIA. 

The awards don’t stop there, but here is where the rules come in.  This is a fundraiser and it is our hope to get as many people as possible to submit extra sketches.  With each sketch, we raise more money for the AIA Ohio Foundation which translates to scholarships for Ohio’s students of architecture.  In order to provide an incentive, we are establishing a few minimum “goals” to help us raise as much money as we can for the Foundation.  Our premium prizes will only be available if we reach those goals.  Our first premium give away is the DVD collection of the first season of Cool Spaces!, The Best New Architecture, hosted by Stephen Chung AIA and funded in part by the AIA.  Our top prize is an iPad Air, but we need everyone to participate and show us their best to get to this level.  Let’s have some fun. 

Judging will be done on Friday at the Convention and the prizes will be announced at the AIA Ohio Awards banquet that evening.  We would love to have everyone participate in this fun and worthwhile project.  The AIA Ohio Foundation is a 501c3 Non Profit organization that provides grants each year to Ohio’s architectural programs for student scholarships.  We need your help to continue to fund these efforts.  What better way is there to invest in our future, than to invest in our students? 

So maybe you’re not quite convinced?  We have one more incentive.  For those submissions that are judged to be most artistically appealing, AIA Ohio will publish a collage of the selected sketches on the cover of the AIA Ohio 2015 Membership Directory.  What better way to showcase your talents to your friends and colleagues within AIA Ohio.  Join us and help us support our students and our profession.

See you in Kent….