The AIA National Board of Directors met in Washington DC, December 10th and 11th as the transition to the new governance model took place.  With the Board completing the approval of a variety of actions, including the selection of the Gold Medal and Firm Award recipients, the inaugural assembly of the AIA Strategic Council was held on December 12th as they took on issues of internal governance and a review of strategic issues.  The governance change was approved in Chicago by membership with a change to the bylaws that was advanced by the Board of Directors.  This change was crafted to create a smaller, more nimble board while at the same time creating a more outward looking strategic council that is charged with advancing the profession and the AIA by looking at more long range efforts to better position the AIA within the design and construction industry.

The change in governance also saw the change in representation from Ohio and the Ohio Valley Region.  Martha Tarrant AIA, Regional Director and Wayne Mortenson AIA, Associate Director left the board as they completed their term of service on the National Board.  Bruce Sekanick AIA, Regional Director also left the board as part of the reorganization and he will continue his service nationally as an inaugural member of the new AIA Strategic Council where he will serve as the Chair of the Strategic Planning Work Group as well as Chair of the National ArchiPAC Committee.  All three members were recognized as Richard Upjohn Fellows for their service to the Board.  Drew White FAIA from AIA Indianapolis joined the Strategic Council and will represent the Ohio Valley Region as junior director in 2015.

The work of the Board will continue in January with a planning meeting outside of Washington and the new council will meet in early February in New Orleans.  More information on the meeting will be provided in the AIA Ohio Newsletter in early 2015.