Building on the social media efforts of the #ilookup awareness campaign that AIA national rolled out in December, the AIA has now started to air a 30 second promotional piece on selected cable programming.  The national media effort expanded on February 8th, with the ad appearing on CBS Face the Nation, CBS Sunday Morning and NBC Meet the Press.  Since the initial airing, the ad is being aired on CNN, CNBC and Fox News.  It has also aired on several major sporting broadcasts, including PGA tournaments. 


The promotion is part of the three year plan that will focus on the value that architects bring to shaping the built environment.  This ad campaign will be followed by a series of print ads through the fall of 2015 which will lead to the roll-out of two new television commercials in 2016 that will be connected to legislative, component  and additional media efforts.  The campaign is designed to focus the public’s attention on architecture in their everyday lives.  The campaign will also include digital advertising on Google, Yahoo and the Bing Network.  The schedule of dates and times and networks can be found on the website under practicing architecture.