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Established in 1913, AIA Columbus is the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects, a three-tiered professional architectural association with national, state, and local components. AIA Columbus operates as a not-for-profit, 501c(6) professional association, representing and delivering programs and services to more than 600 architects and associate members across a 32-county region of Ohio.


The Executive Director serves as the strategic and hands-on leader for AIA Columbus and ensures the Chapter’s role as a constituent-friendly source of education, information, community involvement, business support and development, and as an advocate of the profession locally, state-wide, and nationally. This is a salaried/exempt position that reports to the President of the Chapter’s Board of Directors.


Organization-Wide Leadership

  • Connect with the Local, State, Regional, and National components of AIA to maintain a timely flow of information and objectives from around the organization.
  • Attend and actively engage in the State and National Conventions and National Grassroots events.
  • Maintain relationships with Chapter vendors, supporters and strategic partners: The Center for Architecture and Design, The Knowlton School, Columbus State Community College, Columbus College of Art and Design, and other allied professional organizations.

Operational and Fiscal Management

  • Cultivate and lead a professional office environment alongside other AIA Columbus staff to provide a productive and inspired team in the support of the Chapter.
  • Maintain the Chapter’s financial operations and accounting systems, including maintenance of dues records, management of accounts payable and receivable, preparation of checks and monthly financial reports, assistance with preparation of annual budget, collection of dues, donations, and other revenue sources of the Chapter.
  • Coordinate with financial organizations to monitor and update checking, savings, and investment accounts at regular intervals.
  • Assist and provide necessary data for monthly bookkeeper, annual tax filings, and regular financial audits.
  • Maintain the assets of AIA Columbus, including office space, computer systems, telephone systems, and office equipment and supplies.

Chapter Process Management

  • Organize, manage, promote, and attend the activities of the Chapter, which range from monthly Board meetings and Chapter meetings to speakers, annual events, special events, and fundraisers.
  • Coordinate event logistics including caterers and vendors, registration and fees, and ancillary services such as Learning Unit registration and reporting.
  • Maintain the Chapter’s calendar and coordinate all events and meetings for the Chapter and affiliated organizations as needed.
  • Manage all Chapter communications and program marketing, including newsletters, announcements, social media postings, and Chapter website with the goal of presenting relevant, accurate, and timely communications.
  • Provide support to the Chapter’s committees, including attendance at key committee meetings and follow-through with assigned tasks in order to maintain continuity and communication among groups.
  • Prepare and present an Executive Director’s report at monthly Board meetings.
  • Refine and implement necessary updates to organizational guidelines, personnel documents, and operational policies and manuals.
  • Manage Contract Document sales and handle all inventory, orders and shipments. Answer general inquiries from members and the general public to the best of your ability and specific inquiries regarding contract documents, membership and continuing education
  • Strive to maintain an environmentally sustainable office environment and practices.
  • Facilitate activities related to membership which include; active recruitment and welcoming of new members, tracking of non-renewals, research and reporting of membership trends, and needs assessment of membership.

Strategic Planning and Long-Term Development

  • Work with Chapter leadership to undertake member surveys and Strategic Planning sessions to update Chapter initiatives at intervals defined in the Chapter bylaws.
  • Implement the core directives of the Strategic Plan and support the plan as a document guiding the initiatives, policies, and goals of AIA Columbus.
  • Cultivate best practices examples from other chapters and similar organizations to improve and expand programs to best fit the aspirations of the Chapter.
  • Develop, secure, and expand corporate sponsorship base, fundraisers, and other non-dues revenue sources and foster relationships with sponsoring organizations in order to maximize their value and investment. This includes an interim goal of doubling the budget within the next five years.

Policy and Professional Advocacy

  • Assist the Board and other members in the crafting and maintenance of the Chapter’s Advocacy Strategic Plan and supporting policies.
  • Coordinate proactive and timely engagement with AIA Ohio to address statewide advocacy and legislative issues that impact the Chapter and Membership base.
  • Coordinate proactive and timely engagement with city and local leaders to promote the Chapter and its members as expert voices in the crafting of a quality and enduring built environments.

Outreach and Community Engagement

  • Assist the Chapter in the development and implementation of programs and events designed to enhance the stature of the profession through benefit to the public.
  • Leverage Representatives of AIA Columbus who possess expertise and professional perspective with opportunities within the community to enhance the profile of AIA Columbus and its members in the public’s eye.
  • Assist, alongside the Chapter Board, in the selection of AIA Columbus members to be recommended for seats on the Center for Architecture and Design’s Board of Directors.

Center for Architecture and Design (“CFAD” or “the Center”)
The Center for Architecture and Design is a 501c(3) companion organization to AIA Columbus and serves as a sounding board for the professional architecture and design community of Central Ohio. Its core mission was envisioned as a public outreach vehicle for AIA Columbus, grown from its original formation as the Columbus Architecture Foundation to its current state with a 13-member Board of Directors with regular programs and events in and around Columbus. The Center is also a place. 50 West Town Street, Suite 110 is a meeting, event, classroom, office, and gallery space that serves as the namesake of the Center for Architecture and Design and also as home to AIA Columbus. The Center is the sole leaseholder of the space and AIA Columbus utilizes the Center as its office, meeting, and event space in exchange for administrative, fiscal, and organizational support. The Executive Director of AIA Columbus serves as a liaison to the Center and maintains the primary responsibility to:

  • Promote and ensure that the outreach goals of the Chapter, where appropriate, are realized vis-a-vis the initiatives and programming of the Center.
  • Bridge the two organizations and promote an equitable and mutually supportive working relationship between them.
  • Coordinate calendars, activities and events of the two organizations. In particular, seek to cooperatively strategize the fundraising activities of the two organizations to minimize overlap across potential sources for capital.
  • Provide a defined menu of services for the Center, including bookkeeping, scheduling, daily staffing, and communications.


  • Inclusive – Able to diplomatically build consensus and actively pursue engagement among the diverse array of people, talents, and objectives across the profession.
  • Collaborative, Confident, and Patient – Able to speak with well-considered authority in a process oriented environment.
  • Organized – Detail oriented and highly capable as an organizer, manager, and communicator. Capable of training, effectively delegating, and maximizing the involvement of staff and volunteers.
  • Strategic and Visionary – Driven to foster and implement the strategic visions of the organization.Action-oriented – Actively seeks results and leads forward progress toward organizational goals.
    • Accomplished leader with a strong partnership-building track record.
    • Expert in identifying and implementing revenue generating practices that build resources and grow the fiscal health of the organization.
    • Able to build and nourish partnerships with allied professionals and industry and community leaders.
    • Demonstrated success in maintaining continuity across a volunteer-membership environment with a rotating leadership structure.
  • Results-oriented – Routinely sets and achieves goals.
  • Passionate – Driven toward excellence and committed to high standards.


  • Some travel is required.
  • Certified Association Executive certification if not currently held will be a requirement of continued employment after three years of employment with the Chapter.
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field.
  • Prior professional experience in nonprofit association management, strategic planning, and/or marketing.


  • Full-time, Monday – Friday and includes some evening/weekend hours

AIA Columbus is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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