Legislative gridlock has been the norm for the past two years with the Democratic-controlled Ohio House and Democratic Governor regularly locking horns with the Republican controlled Senate.  As a result, very few new laws were enacted during the 128th Ohio General Assembly.


All that is expected to change when the 129th Ohio General Assembly is sworn in on January 3, 2011.  Republican Governor-elect John Kasich, along with the Republican-controlled House and Senate are expected to roll out reform proposals that will seek to reduce government spending at all levels of government.


The biggest hurdle faced by the new leaders is the state budget, which must be in balance for the biennium that begins July1, 2011.  With an incredible $8 billion deficit, doing so will be a Herculean task, especially since the Governor-elect and House Republicans have pledged that there will be no tax increases.  The Governor-elect has until March 15 to submit his Executive Budget for introduction in the House.


Once the budget is introduced, we’ll let you know how it will affect you.