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AIA Ohio works to affect legislation that could impact architects and the design profession in Ohio.  Here is a list of past legislative actions that we have influenced. 

Pro-Active Legislation:

A.            Qualification Based Selection Law (QBS)

                i.              State Law- 1987 (Modeled after Brooks)

                ii.             Application to political subdivisions- 2011

B.            The Architect’s Seal Law – 1995

C.            Architect’s Statutes of Repose- twice

                i.              1996 as HB 350- Voinovich

                ii.             1999 Held unconstitutional (5-3)

                iii.            2005 Re-enacted as SB 80- 10 years.

D.            Building Code Legislation: Ongoing (numerous occurrences)

E.            Energy Efficiency Laws: Ongoing (numerous occurrences)

F.            Historic Tax Credits: Ongoing (numerous occurrences)

G.           Sustainability proposals: Ongoing (numerous occurrences)

H.            Construction Reform Legislation

I.             Establishment of an AIA-Ohio Advisory Committee to the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

Defensive Legislation:

A.                            Defeated Engineer encroachment upon architecture

B.                            Defeated Governor Kasich’s proposed tax on architectural services

C.                            Defeat of fourteen (14) Bills over 28 years to license interior designers

D.                            Opposed Chemical Assn. attack on LEED- 2014