Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) Director Richard Hickman Jr. said Thursday that the commission is continuing to implement a resolution that generally bans the use of project labor agreements (PLA) and will be informing at least seven districts that their construction projects should go forward without use of the agreements.


Updating members on efforts to implement Resolution 11-16, Hickman said his office is moving forward in a way that reflects the intent of the commission.

PLAs were one of the first items that a reconfigured OSFC changed from the policies of the Strickland Administration 


Some districts, however, will be able to continue their PLAs, Hickman said. Seven districts have received OSFC approval to continue with the agreements. Those projects are already in construction or have advertised construction bids before the Feb. 24 date of the resolution. Those that are in the advertising stage will be allowed to continue with a PLA as long as the project is not in construction and bids come in under budget for the project, he said.


Hickman cited projects in the Akron City Schools, saying most of the PLAs were individually negotiated, and that a number of buildings under construction with a PLA will continue. But he said three building projects have not been bid, and that the OSFC intends to ask the district to go forward without a PLA.