The Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) Monday named its chief financial officer (CFO), Eric Bode, interim director through Thursday, Aug. 27 when a permanent director will be named, OSFC spokesman Rick Savors told Hannah News. That is the next regularly scheduled meeting of the commission. Bode has been CFO since December 2000. Prior to joining OSFC he was fiscal officer at the Ohio Emergency Management Agency and a budget/management analyst at the Ohio Office of Budget and Management. He is a 1988 graduate of Georgetown University with a bachelor’s in economics and a 1993 graduate of Harvard University’s Kennedy School with a master’s degree in public policy. This appointment follows the firing of Michael Shoemaker as executive director by Gov. Ted Strickland late last month (see The Hannah Report, 7/30/09); no reason has been offered as to why although some Capitol Square watchers have opined that Shoemaker ran afoul of the administration because he was critical of administration proposals on class sizes – sizes that have not been factored into the rebuilding of Ohio’s schools or that he has not taken an approach on prevailing wage at school construction sites that the administration would prefer.