Small Firm Exchange (SFx) Revises Organization Structure
Bruce Sekanick, FAIA, OAA, SFx Regional Representative

As the AIA changes and adapts to member needs, so too do the many member knowledge communities, member groups and advisory groups. The small firm exchange (SFx) decided earlier this year to change the operation of the group from one made up of regional representatives to one that consists of a board of directors and state representatives. Although the change in many ways mirrors the changes in regions by membership at this year’s annual meeting, the SFx had made their decision much earlier.

The action was taken in response to the organization’s desire to expand the reach of the SFx. As a loosely formed members group, the change is intended to expand outreach to the many firms who identify as small firms. A small firm is a sole proprietorship or any firm with 10 or less employees. By engaging more members in direct and active roles within the SFx, the organization believes that we can more effectively provide resources to members who are otherwise too small to benefit from services provided to medium or large firms. In addition to working to provide resources for small firms, the SFx also works to provide a small firm perspective on AIA programs, documents and activities. Earlier this year, AIA Ohio participated in the updated Business Continuity Guide and is currently providing input and feedback on the AIA Resilient Process Guide.

AIA Ohio, AIA Indiana and AIA Kentucky will be eligible to have a representative appointed to the SFx for next year. Bruce Sekanick, FAIA, SFx Ohio Valley Representative, will become a Board Member for the remainder of his term, while each state will have increased representation through the new representative position. The SFx is geared toward firms of all practice types. As the local SFx network develops, it is envisioned that the SFx will help elevate the practice of all small firms, broadening the influence of the small firm within the AIA.

Those interested in becoming AIA Ohio’s representative to the SFx can apply to through the AIA KnowledgeNet at AIA SFx – State Representative Application (